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Welcome to Battleship Craft: World at War! This is a World War 2 naval roleplay community centered around the game Battleship Craft, Warship Craft and to a lesser extent Naval Craft. We build ships, add them to our navy, then battle other navies! This is a sister Wikia for Battleship Craft Fleets and Battleship Craft Navies. Come and join us today!

WHERE TO START? BSCWAW can be quite an interesting place. Read the rules and guidelines first, then head over to the International Records to familiarize yourself with current events and find a country to join!

It must be noted that although this is set during the Second World War, it should not be viewed as a historical roleplay. Rather, it is an alternate universe. Although pre-war events and technology already exist, however not all countries are the same.

This Wikia is not about the game itself. For the Battleship Craft Wikia, visit the Battleship Craft Wiki.

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Is your fleet ready for deployment, Admiral? Read these pages before setting out and be well-equipped!

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