Ah, the familiar Point Store! Except, there's a large difference. Light ships are completely separate now and have a point system of their own, so you can continue building battleships while spamming the 5"/38 out of destroyers!

Note: Unlike BSCF, you do NOT get 1 ship free per class, you have to use points to build each one. This is to prevent spamming and eventual downfall of RP.

New Navy Bonus

When a new navy is created regardless of the day, it immediately receives that week's points. For example, if a navy is created on a Wednesday, but it still receives the usual points as if it were Sunday. On the next Sunday, the navy may collect more Points.

To be fair, a navy created on a Sunday receives double the amount, but on the next week it receives the normal amount.

Normal Points

Each fleet gets 600 Points per week, resetting Sunday. If a fleet does not use a certain amount of points, it will be carried over to the next week. This will be done up to 1800 points, then a fleet cannot receive any more and has to spend it.

EVERY FLEET is required to keep a track of points, spending and ship number. It can be done through comments, user blogs or simply on the page.

- Battleships
* Super-Battleship (Up to 4 guns): 400
* 6-Gunner Battleship: 300
* 5-Gunner Battleship: 260
* 4-Gunner Battleship: 230
* Dreadnought/Battleship (3 or fewer guns): 160
* Fast Battleship (4 guns max): 200
* 6-Gunner Battlecruiser: 240
* 5-Gunner Battlecruiser: 220
* Up to 4-Gunner Battlecruiser: 200
- Aircraft Carriers
* Fleet Carriers (81-100 Aircraft): 300
* Aircraft Carriers (61-80 Aircraft): 260
* Light Carriers (1-60 Aircraft): 240
* Escort Carriers (Slower, 31-40 Aircraft): 60
* Light Escort Carriers (Slower, 1-30 Aircraft): 45
* Submarine Carrier (1-4 Aircraft): 50
- Cruisers
* Heavy Cruiser: 40
* Light Cruiser: 25

Light Points (LP)

Each fleet gets 1000 Light Points (or LP) per week, resetting Sunday. Same rules apply, the maximum LPs a fleet can have is 4000. Torpedo boats and PT boats would not be covered, as long as numbers are not overly spammed.

* Destroyer: 40
* Destroyer Escort (slower): 25
* Submarine: 20